Salty air, flying hair in the wind. The north brings Lioba back to earth as they flood tears as unexpectedly as the tide. She talks to the wind, yells at him in moments when she hides and has been silent for far too long. Somewhere between town and country, somewhere between arriving and running away. Lioba does not seek and does not find, listens to so many voices and finally ends up at her own again. She meets people a second first time to be deceived by them again. Watch as they circle around, find no way out and have to admit that she can not help.

From stumbling and waxing Lioba tells her stories pure and alive. With her second EP she takes you on a journey into her deepest inner life, which she does not even try to hide. From tender-frail to dancely-light and always with an energy that we can not escape. Accompanied by rhythms and synthesizers, their songs are even more rousing, vibrant and exciting this time around.